In keeping with the Village of Roscoe's commitment to customer service, the Human Resources Department provides internal customer service for 22 full-time employees, numerous part-time and seasonal employees. The Department serves as an information resource and ombudsman, oversees recruitment, benefits administration, classification/compensation, employee and labor relations, policy development, employee recognition, worker's compensation, risk management, and a variety of special projects.

In addition to employee-related matters, the Human Resources Department serves as the point of contact for liability claims against the Village. This includes claims of personal injury (e.g., slip and fall on Village property) and property damage (e.g., sanitary sewer backups). Such claims may be sent in writing to the Human Resources Director who gathers the preliminary information. The claim may then be forwarded on to the Village's insurance carrier for final determination based upon case precedents and current tort immunity laws. Tort immunity means that the Village is typically protected against claims unless the cause is proven to show "willful and wanton" neglect on the part of the Village.

The HR Department is located an the Village Hall at 10631 Main St. and is operated by Anne Hanson. The office welcomes calls or scheduled visits from interested applicants and all City employees from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Voice mail messages may also be left during other hours at (815) 623-2829, extension 105. The Village of Roscoe is an equal opportunity employer.


None at this time.